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By “Charlotte Leung, Contributor” on April 14, 2023

Instagram Is One Of The Most Popular Social Media Platforms In The World With Over One Billion Active Users. More Than 10 Years Since It Launched, Instagram Is Constantly Advancing Itself With Different New Functions Alongside Technological Advances

For A Better User Experience. In This Blog Post, We Will Take A Look At The Latest Updates And Information On Instagram To Promote Your Food And Beverage Business To The Next Level.

Instagram Reels

With Over 140 Billion Reels Plays Across Instagram And Facebook Each Day, Instagram Reels Will Be Your Best Bet In Reaching The Public, Growing A Community To Promote Your Brand And Gaining A Larger Amount Of Audience. With The Function That Allows You To Create Short Clips To A 60 Seconds Short-Form Video, Reels Is Your Solution To Showcase Products Dynamically And Engagingly.

Reels Is A Form Of Video Strategy Promotion That Has A Stronger Impact Than Static Images Posted On Feeds. Videos Are More Lively And Can Create More Meaningful Connections Between Customers And Brands. When These Videos And Reels Are Shared On Stories, It Can Spark Additional Engagement In The Products.

Not Only Can Your Brand Increase The Visibility To Different Audiences On The Instagram Reels Page, But You Can Also Enhance Engagement With The Public For Users To View, Like, Comment And Share In Building A Community Of Followers. With More Exposure, It Creates Business Opportunities For Your Brand To Showcase The Company With Products Within A One-Minute Clip, Driving Traffic To The Business On Your Instagram Page And Website Using Product Demos, Tutorials And Short Glimpses Of Unreleased Products To Get Audiences’ Interest.

Instagram Reels Can Also Be Used As A Way To Publish Influencers’ Collaborations With Interviews Or Behind-The-Scenes Clips. Multiple Well-Known Brands Have Already Maximized Reels For Promotion, For Instance, BOSS Has Driven Brand Favorability With Instagram Live And Reels Ads And McDonald’s Has Increased App Downloads By Adding Reels To Their Campaign. These Ads Appear In Between Reels Allowing Businesses To Reach Specific Audiences Based On Their Interests And Behaviours Without Browsing The Business Accounts.

In Addition, Reels Offer Insights For Your Business To Review Performance With The View Insights Feature On Instagram. You Can View How Many Likes, Comments, Saves And Shares The Post Or Advertisement Got To Evaluate The Success.

Instagram Shopping​

Instagram Shopping Includes Various Features For Your Business To Generate Sales With Exclusive Features. It Offers A Place For You To Sell Brand Stories For Users To Browse And Explore Collections Of The Brand And Sell Products Directly On Instagram. Recently, Instagram Shopping Is No Longer Seen As A Separate Page At The Bottom Of The Page, But Upgraded To Embedded Links On The Products For Better Exposure And Clickbait. This Easy Function Allows Your Brand To Sell Products Faster And Easier While Users Can Navigate And Discover Products Quicker With Product Tags Embedded In Images Or Videos In Feed, Reels, Stories And Product Mentions In The Business’s Profile Or Feed. You Just Have To Set Up A Catalogue Of Products And Connect It To Your Facebook Business Account And Tag Products In The Posts Allowing Users To Purchase Products Directly On Instagram Checkout.

The Product Detail Page Will Be Shown When Customers Press The Tags Of The Products With Pricing And Descriptions, Driving People To Your Business’s Website. Whether Users Want To Purchase The Product Now Or Later, It Will Help Your Business To Boost Its Sales As Users Can Put Their Desired Items In The Wish List First Before Paying, Increasing The Likelihood Of Customers Purchasing Products.

In Addition, When You Build A Business Account, You Will Be Able To Analyze Data Through The Insights Function Showing Information About Your Audience And Their Purchasing Behaviour. This Includes The Number Of People Viewing And Buying Your Products By Clicking On The Links Or Through Shares. With These Insights, You Can Improve Your Business Techniques With Known Demographics To Reach A Wider Audience On Instagram And Even Set Up Advertisements With Product Tags On Instagram To Increase The Reach Of Shopping Posts.
To Start With, You Can First Add Items To Your Catalogues For Users To Shop With Details Of Up-To-Date Products Including Photos, Videos And Attributes. Tag Products Used In Different Formats Are Extremely Useful In Promoting The Items, Reels And Instagram Live Allow Tags For Up To 30 Products Whereas Feed Can Include Up To 5 Products Per Post And Shopping Stickers Can Be Created In Stories To Make The Products More Attractive.

Instagram Ads And Sharing A Note​

Instagram Advertisements Are A Great Way To Reach A Large Number Of Customers With Streamlined Targeting. It Is Flexible As There Are Different Cost Options For Your Business To Choose From That Fit Your Business Goals To Inspire New Audiences With Just A Simple Tap To Upgrade The Posts. With The Instagram Ads Upgrade, You Can Refer To It For Performance And Insights Evaluation. These Ads Can Be Published Across Cross-Platforms On Facebook As Well To Grow And Scale Your Small Business.

Repost Collaboration Content (Stories And Feeds)​

Repost Function Update Allows Users And Your Business To Share A Picture, Video Or Reels More Aesthetically With A Rotation Symbol On The Top Left Corner Of The Post. Buffer Mentions Reposting Helped Them Grow Their Instagram Audience By Over 400% And Is Key For Businesses To Grow. Reposting Is User-Generated Content Where Users Are More Likely To Trust Feedback Posted By Someone Who Purchased The Product To Influence And Encourages Users To Purchase The Items Increasing Brand Engagement.

According To The “Role Of Creator Marketing Study” By Crowd DNA, It Shows 78% Of Consumers Are Influenced By Creators To Discover New Brands And They Would Like To See Branded Creator Content On Instagram. By Collaborating With Content Creators, You Can Promote Your Brand More Efficiently Than Promoting On Your Own In Unlocking Meaningful Connections, Creativity And Growth Of The Brand. Posts With Content Creators Not Only Drive Engagement From The Creator’s Loyal Followers But Also Turn The Content Into Commerce.

Stories Is One Of The Many Ways To Drive People To Your Business’s Websites And Purchase Directly On Instagram. As Stories Last For Only 24 Hours And Occupy The Entire Screen, It Gives An Immersive Experience In Portraying The Products Telling The Story. The Pause Button Gives A Closer Look At The Tags Directly To The Brand’s Instagram Profile. With The Short Duration, It Has To Be Designed With Good Sound Effects And Speed To Elevate Customers’ Experience And Interest. On Top Of Music Or Voice-Over, The Brand Logo Should Be Shown To Increase Interaction With The Audience.
Feed Is An Alternate Way To Promote Your Business Through Visual And Static Images. Product Tags Can Be Seen Clearly On The Image For The Audience To Browse And Purchase The Products. The Advantage Of Using Feeds Is The Ability To Generate Carousel Ads With Up To 10 Photos Or Videos In One Single Post To Feature Different Products. Captions Is The Place For The Brand To Build Its Identity And More Description Of The Products Alongside The Hashtags To Be Used In Boosting Discovery.

Connecting With Customers Directly​

A) “Add yours” stickers, share the sticker and allow others to repost 

This is an interactive feature for users to participate in others’ stories and activities by posting their responses and sharing unlimitedly. The repeated reposting and sharing of sticker posts on different accounts can encourage engagement with followers and increase exposure to your brand. Your business can even customize your brand stickers with text or images and publish them on the profile.

Customers can repost the stickers with their opinions about your brand and recommend their friends to purchase by posting the “Add yours” stickers with their authentic feedback. This can be “Show us your favourite product” or “New product challenge” to boost mention of the product.

B) Instagram Direct

Your Brand Can Communicate And Connect With Customers To Build Trust By Exchanging Text, And Photos And Answering Their Enquiries On The Products Or Purchase Information. This Is Crucial In Directing Customers To The Website Before Their Purchase And Creating A Good Experience For Them After.

Before Purchase, Messaging Can Answer Customers’ Enquiries Quickly And Privately While After Purchase, It Can Strengthen Relationships With Customers And Drive Sales As They Will Feel Themselves Being Cared For And Are Connected To The Brand. These Messages Can Be Used As A Platform To Collect Feedback After Purchase To Increase Customer Satisfaction. Customization And Settings Can Be Set For Instagram Direct To Respond To Customers Instantly And Automatically With The Incorporation Of Brand Voice.

The Well-Built System On Meta Offers An All-Inclusive Communication Platform For Your Business To Manage Communications Across Meta Platforms With Meta Business Suite Inbox, Business Inbox In Messenger And Messenger API For Instagram.

Starbucks Indonesia Is An Example That Generates A 6x Return On Ad Return With Clicks To Instagram Direct In Feed And Stories.

C) Instagram Live Rooms

Instagram Live Rooms Is An Upgraded Version To Protect Your Business With Multiple Safety Measures. With Three Guests Allowed To Join The Live, Employees Of The Company Can Join As Hosts To Monitor The Q&A Sessions, Interviews And Discussions. For Instance, Product Demos Organized On Instagram Live Are Shown To Convince 84% Of Viewers In Buying The Product From The Wyzowl Report.

Audience Feedback Sections Can Also Be Held To Collect Feedback Instantly From Viewers To Shorten The Time For Amendment And Correction And Boost The Effectiveness Of The Business.

Apart From Promoting Your Brand Through Product Demos, Your Business Can Earn Money From Live Streams By Selling Badges To Viewers. With The Upgraded Function Of Instagram Live, It Is Shown To Bring A Positive Influence On Businesses.​

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