Terms and conditions

CRAVE NEWS Distribution Service is not responsible for outcomes and does not guarantee or promise the quantity, quality or content of earned media coverage that results from our news distribution services or activities.  Clients must submit approved copy and/or press materials (not limited to images, links, video, logos, and copy) prior to distribution to media. Please ensure all materials are grammatically and factually correct. We are not responsible for materials that are provided to us with errors or omissions.

Our relationships with proprietary network of media and influencers is valuable and therefore we require the Client’s cooperation in meeting media requests and deadlines. We maintain the right to pitch media in a manner that preserves and maintains relationships with media and influencers, and we retain the right to refuse to pitch any story or campaign in a manner that would harm our relationships or credibility with media or for any reason.  Crave does not share or provide clients with media or influencer lists with contact information. All media lists developed and maintained by Crave are owned wholly and considered proprietary to Crave.

We do not provide media monitoring or measurement services. Media monitoring and measurement services are an additional cost.  Please consider using a service or set up an alert using a tool such as Google Alerts to track potential mentions of your brand. Crave follows and adheres to disclosure rules, laws and customs regarding email campaigns, paid spokespersons or paid influencers. 

Additional Services such as writing, editing, graphic design, custom media lists, pitching, media relations, interview coordination, responding to media requests, media training and/or interview preparation are an additional cost. Please contact us for rates and information.

Following secure payment, we will provide additional instructions on how to submit your news and resources, with specifications regarding word count, links, images and video. Your news will then go through a reviewal process to ensure it meets our guidelines, terms and condition. We reserve the right to refuse to distribute news that doesn’t meet our terms, guidelines, or standards. If your news does not meet our guidelines your purchase will be refunded in full. 


By purchasing Crave News Distribution Services, you agree to these terms and conditions.

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