Indulging in Flavours of the North: Top 5 Canadian Food Bloggers You Must Follow

By “Charlotte Leung, Contributor” on May 10, 2023

Toronto, Canada’s most populous city, is a gastronomic powerhouse that boasts a rich and diverse culinary scene. Among the city’s food enthusiasts, here are 5 platforms that stand out for their dedication to showcasing the best that Toronto’s food culture has to offer.

1. @tastetoronto

Founded as an Instagram account, @tastetoronto has quickly grown into a community of food lovers, united by their passion for Toronto’s vibrant culinary scene. The platform is a treasure trove of mouth-watering photos, insider tips and enthusiastic reviews of Toronto’s many eateries, making it an indispensable guide for both locals and visitors. 

As a well-known media and news company with a focus on Food & Drink, Lifestyle, City Culture and Experiences, the Instagram page occasionally features other posts posted from other foodie pages for collaboration. There is also a range of different photos, both close-up and far-away shots of the dish and even the design of restaurants. When introducing new restaurants, they will give a brief introduction to the brand and the owner for sponsored posts. For the website, Taste Toronto is a community of foodies offering experiences and rich content focusing on where to dine, what to eat and trending food news and events. The well-established website provides recommendations on different spots, recipes, stories and guides. For instance, there are guides for “The Best Bars in Toronto To Watch The Leafs Game”, Stories for new restaurants in Toronto of the week, Recipes from different countries and new spots. It also offers an option for an email subscription for updates. 

One of the best things about Taste Toronto is the variety it showcases. From trendy downtown restaurants to hidden gems in the city’s suburbs, Taste Toronto leaves no stone unturned in its quest to discover the best food Toronto has to offer. Whether you are a fan of authentic poutine, craving hand-pulled noodles, or looking for the best vegan options, Taste Toronto has something for every foodie. The platform also celebrates Toronto’s multicultural culinary heritage. By featuring dishes from around the world from Italian cannoli and Japanese sushi to Indian butter chicken and Ethiopian injera, Taste Toronto reflects the diversity of the city itself. It is a testament to Toronto’s welcoming nature and the way it embraces different cultures, which is a significant part of its charm. Moreover, Taste Toronto frequently partners with local restaurants for giveaways, offering followers the chance to experience the highlighted eateries themselves. It is a brilliant way to support local businesses, particularly important in these challenging times and to engage with the community.

Navigating the vast and ever-changing culinary landscape of Toronto can be overwhelming. But with Taste Toronto, you will be provided with a knowledgeable guide that not only points you to the best dishes in town but also introduces you to the stories behind the food. It is more than just an Instagram account, it is a testament to the love of food and community that makes Toronto’s culinary scene so unique and vibrant. Whether you are a longtime resident or planning your first visit to the city, Taste Toronto provides you with the tastiest food adventures.


2. @dishedtoronto

63K followers with over 2,450 posts

Dished Toronto is a food and beverage section of Daily Hive Toronto, a Canadian-born online news source that creates compelling and hyperlocal events. The Instagram account provides different updates on new releases of certain menus or new restaurants opening in Toronto. They also feature posts from other food bloggers. On their website, it is categorized into different sections “News, Openings, Restaurants, Best Of, Brunch, Events, Cheap Eats, Specials, Booze, Coffee & Tea, Desserts, Closings, Veggie, Food Trucks. Patios, Opinions and Videos.” 

Originating on Instagram, Dished Toronto has become an essential source for discovering the hottest restaurants, cafes and food trends in Toronto. It is a food-centric community where drool-worthy photos, engaging videos and insightful articles come together to offer a comprehensive look at Toronto’s ever-evolving food scene. One of the standout features of Dished Toronto is its wide-ranging coverage. From upscale dining experiences to casual street food, they don’t discriminate when it comes to food. Whether you are craving Italian gelato, Korean BBQ or a classic Canadian poutine, Dished Toronto is your guide to satisfying every culinary desire. Dished Toronto does a fantastic job of highlighting Toronto’s multicultural food scene. The broad palette reflects Toronto’s rich cultural diversity and its influence on the city’s gastronomy. What sets Dished Toronto apart is its commitment to its community. It is a platform that celebrates the city’s food culture and the people who create it. They routinely partner with local businesses for exclusive deals and giveaways, providing their followers with unique opportunities while supporting local establishments


Moreover, Dished Toronto does not shy away from engaging with its followers. From asking for the best pizza recommendations to sparking discussions about the city’s best brunch spots, they actively involve their community in the conversation, making their platform a dynamic and interactive space for all Toronto food enthusiasts. In a city as vast and diverse as Toronto, Dished Toronto acts as a culinary compass to guide you through the bustling food scene. It brings together a community of food lovers and shines a light on the city’s delicious treasures.

3. @foodnetworkca

419K followers with over 5,350 posts

Food Network is a Media outlet that mainly shares recipes from different cuisine. As the Canadian arm of the internationally renowned Food Network, @foodnetworkca is a virtual banquet of culinary inspiration and education, offering a smorgasbord of recipes, cooking tips and behind-the-scenes peeks into your favourite food shows. The website presents the success of the media outlet with the availability to view Food Network Shows on different Global TV apps such as Spring Baking Championship, You Gotta Eat Here! And Top Chef. There are also different recipes, Chefs & Hosts sections on the websites for the public.

The @foodnetworkca Instagram account serves as a visual cookbook, brimming with tantalizing photos and videos of dishes from a myriad of cuisines. There are recipes from Food Network chefs themselves and other food creators, short clips of cooking series such as StackTV which features Food Network and highlights of different popular worldwide dishes on the highlights Instagram account page such asTteokbokki from Korea, Pom Paloma from Mexico, Tomato Egg from Hong Kong and more. You will find everything from comforting classics like poutine and tourtière to innovative fusion recipes of diverse culinary traditions. Whether you are a seasoned home cook or a kitchen newbie, there is a wealth of inspiration to be found in their feed.

One of the standout features of Food Network is its unique access to celebrity chefs and popular cooking shows. Fans of programs like “Chopped Canada” or “The Great Canadian Baking Show” will delight in the behind-the-scenes content and exclusive insights from hosts and participants. Followers are encouraged to engage with Food Network’s posts, share their culinary creations and even participate in themed challenges. This sense of community makes Food Network more than just an Instagram account, it is a virtual gathering place for Canadian food lovers. Furthermore, Food Network is a strong supporter of Canadian culinary talent. From highlighting local chefs to featuring Canadian restaurants and food festivals, they consistently shine a spotlight on the country’s vibrant food scene. The dynamic, interactive platform not only shares delicious recipes and culinary tips but also celebrates food as a means of connection and creativity. It encapsulates the excitement of cooking and the joy of eating, inspiring its followers to embrace their love of food and explore new culinary horizons.

4. @jocooks

Joanna, originally from Romania and now based in Canada, has a love for world cuisine that shines through in her diverse collection of recipes. From comfort food classics to exquisite international dishes, there is something for every palate on her platform. Whether you are a seasoned chef or a novice cook, Joanna provides step-by-step guides and helpful tips to ensure you can recreate each recipe to perfection. She is the publisher of the Oage where she shares fun, easy and delicious recipes. She manages her Instagram page well with different highlights on top of the Instagram page, e.g. Air Fryer, 30-Minute recipes, cocktails and even different specials from her own Cookbook. Her website is well-built with different categories and you can even get a FREE recipe eBook! There are over hundreds of different recipes that promise to bring joy to your kitchen free to take reference from and the food is filmed in high resolution as well. The Instagram and website are captivating as her target audience is broad with cuisines from Asia, Italian, Mexican, Romanian, India and Middle Eastern.

One of the standout qualities of Joanna is its focus on accessibility. Joanna is a firm believer in the idea that good food needs not to be complicated or expensive. Her recipes feature ingredients that are easy to find, with clear and concise instructions that make cooking a pleasure, not a chore. It is this down-to-earth, practical approach that has won her a loyal following of home cooks around the world. From savoury appetizers to delectable desserts, Joanna has it all. But what truly sets Joanna’s blog apart is her personal touch. Every recipe comes with a story – a memory, a tradition or a travel experience that adds a layer of warmth and authenticity. This personal connection makes Joanna more than just a recipe platform, it is like a welcoming kitchen where you can share in the joys of food and cooking. In addition, Joanna provides stunning food photography that is sure to whet your appetite. Each dish is beautifully presented, capturing the textures and colours in a way that is almost as good as tasting the food itself. This attention to detail underscores Jo’s passion for her craft and her desire to inspire others to discover the joy of cooking.

To sum up, @jocooks is a delightful culinary journey that combines mouth-watering recipes with heartfelt storytelling. It is a testament to Jo’s passion for food and her talent for making home cooking an enjoyable and rewarding experience. 

5. @claudioaprile1

39K followers with over 1,000 posts

Contact Claudio at or for events and partnerships. 

Claudio Aprile is a successful and one of the most visionary chefs who spent his life travelling and working in professional kitchens for over 30 years. He opened his restaurant, Colborne Lane, in Toronto in 2000 which is one of the best restaurants in the world and he was named one of the most innovative chefs working in Canada. Colborne Lane is successful with its specialty being an open kitchen format and was voted Origin the #1 restaurant in Toronto. In 2014, Aprile started serving as a judge on CTV’s culinary competition MasterChef Canada, the top program on Canadian television with all key demographics.

In the culinary universe, where skill, creativity and innovation are essential ingredients, few chefs shine as brightly as Claudio Aprile. On his website, you can find different sponsorships and television with Claudio and know more about him there. He also features his own “Aprile At Home”, a tailored culinary experience for corporate, social or intimate family celebrations where he will guide guests through each dish and share how he develops menus and creates his signature cooking style. Known for his appearances on MasterChef Canada and his exceptional culinary prowess, Aprile’s Instagram account, @claudioaprile, offers an intimate look into his world of gastronomic creativity. As one of Canada’s most celebrated chefs, Aprile’s Instagram feed is a testament to his culinary vision and passion for food. Each post reflects his love for fresh, quality ingredients, innovative techniques and beautifully presented dishes. The photographs are not just enticing but tell a story about his ongoing exploration of food. 

One of the key elements that stand out on Claudio Aprile’s feed is the stunning visual presentation of his dishes. His belief that we eat with our eyes first is evident in the artful plating and the vibrant colours that make each dish look like a work of art. Every image is a clear demonstration of Aprile’s creativity and attention to detail. Beyond the tantalizing images of food, Claudio Aprile provides a behind-the-scenes look into the life of a renowned chef. From candid shots in the kitchen to snippets from his travels and culinary experiences, Aprile’s Instagram offers a personal connection to his followers. His passion for food and commitment to his craft shines through in every post.

Aprile’s Instagram is also a platform where he shares his knowledge and expertise. Whether it’s a cooking tip, a wine recommendation or an interesting food fact, Aprile’s followers can always learn something new. His posts are not just visually appealing, but they’re also educational and informative. In addition, Aprile frequently shares updates about his restaurant ventures and culinary events. It’s a great way for food enthusiasts to stay informed about his latest projects and opportunities to experience his culinary creations firsthand. 

In essence, Claudio Aprile is a vibrant and inspiring culinary journey. It is a testament to Aprile’s love for food, his mastery of the culinary arts and his desire to share his passion with the world. Whether you’re a budding chef, a food enthusiast, or someone who appreciates the artistry of cooking, following @claudioaprile will undoubtedly add a dash of inspiration to your Instagram feed.

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