Building, Boosting and Benefiting Your Brand from PR Strategy

In the bustling landscape of the food and beverage industry, standing out from the crowd can be a challenging feat. Companies are not only competing for shelf space and market share but are also vying for the attention and loyalty of increasingly discerning consumers. This is where a robust Public Relations (PR) strategy comes into play. PR can be a paradigm shifter, empowering your brand to shine amidst fierce competition. Let’s delve into the top five reasons why your food and beverage company needs a PR strategy.

Bytes vs. Bites: Tech’s Tasty Solution to Canada’s Food Waste

Food waste is a major global issue, and Canada is no exception. Each year, approximately $49 billion worth of food – nearly a third of all food produced in the country – ends up in the garbage. This not only represents a significant economic loss, but it also translates into wasted resources such as water, land, and energy that are used in the production, transportation, and disposal of this food.

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